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ALL projects list the FULL range of clothing, or lack thereof. You will need to determine YOUR level of comfort and how far involved in each project you care to go! You are welcome to participate in every project up to your OWN comfort level! In other words, if a project says casual to nude, you do NOT have to do nude, that is the RANGE it covers, YOU have to decide which level you would feel comfortable shooting it. VERY FEW of these projects REQUIRE nudity and yet all of them just about can go that far if YOUR limits allow it.

Financial Details:
(PLEASE Read so there are NO misunderstandings and so I won't have to repeat myself!)

Currently ALL of the below projects are either a TF shoot or of a "joint venture" type of shoot UNLESS otherwise stated in the project description. As of this time NONE of these will pay cash at the time of the shoot! On the TF shoots, if any of the photos sell, the model will be compensated 50% after expenses are deducted, On Joint ventures, the model will receive 50% of the profits of the venture after expenses are deducted. On these ventures, each model will have a dedicated webpage they can go to to look at the status of their account. These projects are listed in no particular order.

In addition to the projects listed below, I am interested in shooting some additional Fashion/Commercial and alternative shots. These include Goth, Fantasy, bondage, etc., if YOU have an idea, run it by me and see if I can shoot it.

1. ModelZ Project
(Fully clothed up to artistic nudes)

This will be an ongoing project that potentially could cover several areas. It is starting out as a website ONLY. Models will be featured in an online portfolio style. Future plans are to incorporate printed projects as well as other merchandise for sale depending on the success of the project. On this project, all models will be paid royalties on sales of the items.

2. These colors don't clash.
(Nudity OR implied nudity required)

An art project done in Black and White. Done with 2+ models per shot, contrasting the different skin tones and ethnicityís. Idea behind it is to promote the harmony between the races and sexes. Similar to the Bennetton ads.


Shot of male and female topless, hugging lightly to cover the female's nipples. Shot to be done full length, 3/4 length and waist up. Pants/skirts to complement the skin tone of the other model.


Shot of 3+ males/females or mix, preferably each a different race from the back looking over the shoulder. Alternate being males facing camera. To be shot from the waist up.


Shot of topless male/female of one race holding a nude baby of another race. Shot at the angle where models arm and/or baby covers the womanís breast and the sex of the baby.


Other contrasting skin tones that either myself or the model can think up.

3. Study in Silhouettes.
(Nudity required)

A nude figure study highlighting the female form thru the use of lighting to form a silhouette of the models body. Done in various poses to show the female form. Will consider doing a male version also.


Model and backlighting both behind screen/shade.


Backlighting behind screen/shade, model in front.


Model in front of screen/shade, backlighting behind screen, soft spot light highlighting the models face only.


Model backlit, no screen/shade, hair highlighted.


Outdoor Nude shoots with sun backlighting to form silhouette.

4. Veterans Series.
(Possible nudity, sheer garments possible, Non-Sheer garmets also possible)

A series done using a model in various places, poses, outfits all with a veterans/military/patriotic theme.


Solitary female in long flowing white dress walking among the tombstones carrying a single red rose (other props(i.e. small flag, hat, veil, etc.) may also be used). Shot from a distance to show the headstones as detail. Also shot closer up to give the headstones a blurred appearance and detail on the model. Alternate shot will have the dress being sheer to show the models figure thru backlighting.


Model kneeling at a headstone. Model placing small flag at headstone. Memorial tones.


Models posing in and/or around various military equipment.

5. The Female Form as Art
(Nudity or Semi nudity required)

This will be a series that shows off the female body as an art form.


Main idea right now is a series of close up pics showing just the curves, contours, textures of the nude female body.


Another idea is to show the model blending in with various forms and objects.


A shot of various parts of the female body/torso done in B&W as an art project.

6. Western Series
(From fully clothed up to total nudity)

Various poses all with a distinct Texas/Western theme.


Cowboy and the biker babe.


Cowgirl and the Biker.

7. Bikini/Lingerie Poster Shots
(Swimwear, sheer garments and possible implied nudity)

A series of shots of various models in bikinis/lingerie to try to market as posters. Also to be used on CDís, screensavers, calendars, etc. This is a joint venture project but, could become part of the ModelZ project.

8. Trucking "Ad" Shots
(Fully clothed up to lingirie)

Shots to show that trucking isn't just a "manly" profession any longer. Some shots to be on the "cheesy cute" side. Aimed at the ad and postcard markets. This is a joint venture project.

9. Nudes in Nature
(Semi nude up to nude)

Various series of shots with models semi-nude and nude in various outdoors settings.

10. Pay Sites
(Fully clothed up to nude)

Now starting to look into doing pay sites, as a joint venture, with VERY select models. These will be photos up to classy "Playboy" style and artistic nudes depending on models desires.

11. YOUR Projects or Ideas
(YOU will decide what level we go to)

I am willing to assist most models in capturing their ideas or projects also. Just let me know what you want to try and I'll see if I can help you do it.

12. Retro Magazine Pics
(From sheer to implied to nude required)

I have recently come into possesion of some 70's OUI Magazines. There are a lot of interesting shots I'd like to re-create with my, or the models interpretation of the shot. The MAIN difference being, some of the original shots are more "Hustler" style than "Playboy". I'd like to reshoot them in a more modest fashion.