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Information Provide To Photographer Before A Shoot:

1. Full Stats (Height, Bust/Cup, Waist, Hip, Hair Color, Eye Color, Skin Tone)

2. Date Of Birth and Age

3. Type, size, location, etc of any tattoos, birthmarks, piercings, etc.

4. Stage Name/Alias to be used in promotions, if you have one

5. A listing of outfits you plan to bring, if known. Or what you would like to shoot.

6. List of favorite snacks and beverages


1. Mark magazine ads for areas of interest, styles, likes & dislikes or print out images from the web.

2. Wardrobe details including a variety of hosiery

3. Obtain a photocopy of driver's license or government issued Picture ID (legal requirement)

4. Prepare list of what you wish to accomplish in modeling and this shoot in particular

5. Manicure & Pedicure (NOT a professional one unless specifically requested or, if it something you would normally do)

Night Before & Morning of a Shoot:

1. Good night's sleep!!

2. Touchup manicure & pedicure, apply clear nail polish if needed.

3. Collect all wardrobe items to bring - don't forget accessories, shoes & hosiery

4. Collect makeup and hair products (including a curling iron if requested).

5. Clean, dry hair without hairspray, styling gel, etc.

6. Stretching exercises to limber up - no hard workouts!!

7. Collect music you like to bring with you -- CD and/or mp3 - some energizing, some relaxing

8. NO CHORES, NO ERRANDS, NO STRESS, NO RUSHING!! Stay calm and relaxed.

Arriving For The Shoot:

1. Wear loose clothing - nothing tight or with snug elastic (socks, sweats, undies, etc. -- elastic marks take an hour or longer to go away)

2. Do not apply any makeup before arriving unless other arrangements have been made

3. Hair clean & dry without ANY hairspray, styling gel, etc. the softer the better

4. All wardrobe items and accessories as required

5. All necessary makeup for the intended shoot

6. Photocopy of ID